Module 4 CPC Course CPC Course 

At A1 Training Services, we understand the importance of obtaining your Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in the transport industry. That is why we offer MOD 4 face to face driver CPC training courses to help you obtain your HGV licence and meet the legal requirements set by the DVSA. 
If you obtained your driving licence after 1st January 1997 you are required to pass two additional tests, MOD 4 and MOD 2, before driving professionally. The first of these is Module 2, the Driver CPC case study test. This test consists of seven case studies with between six and eight questions on each element. To pass this test, you need to obtain a minimum score of 76%, by getting at least 38 marks out of a possible 50. 
Once you have passed Module 2 (or if you passed your driving test before 1997), you can move on to Module 4 - the practical demonstration test. This is commonly referred to as `Show me, Tell me`. A1 Training Services have been running courses on these core modules for over 20 years. We are proud to have our own DVSA Approved Test Centres, where we provide Module 4 training and testing. Contact us today to schedule your Module 4 course. Complete our short Contact Form or call 0121 789 8471. Alternatively email us at
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Our MOD4 courses are comprehensive and designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Module 4 test on your first attempt. Our team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the exam. 
Our training courses cover all aspects of the Module 4 test, including vehicle safety, load security and manual handling. We use state-of-the-art equipment and training techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible instruction. Our CPC courses are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific availability and needs. 
At A1 Training Group Services, we strive to offer you the highest quality of training and testing. Our DVSA Approved Test Centres, staffed by our own examiners, ensure that you receive the best possible training and support as you work towards your professional driving qualification. 
If you're looking to obtain your Driver CPC, look no further than A1 Training Services. Our DVSA approved instructors and comprehensive training courses ensure that you have a great chance of passing your MOD 4 first time. Contact us today at or call us at 0121 789 8471 to schedule your Module 4 training and testing. 
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